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The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: A smart, lifesaving U.S. investment


Is the world’s largest global health funder

Invests more than $4 billion a year in programs run by local experts and governments

Builds stronger health systems, health security and pandemic preparedness

Accelerates the end of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases



Ending AIDS

Translating Progress into Success to End the AIDS Epidemic is a collaboration between amfAR, AVAC, and Friends of the Global Fight, with technical assistance from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. The report was conceptualized to take stock of how far we have come – and how far we have to go – toward ending HIV and AIDS around the world.

Ending TB

TB is curable. We need renewed and sustained political will to combat this epidemic. We know we can end the TB epidemic. It is a matter of scaling up effective programs, dedicating sufficient resources and mobilizing the political will. This report highlights six locations where communities made impressive progress to significantly reduce TB cases and deaths – from California in the United States to Tomsk, Russia and Karachi, Pakistan.

Ending Malaria

In the last two decades, global efforts against malaria have reached a tipping point, allowing health leaders for the first time to move beyond merely controlling this ancient disease and instead commit to ending it.


What Does $2 Billion Buy?

In a time of global crisis, world leaders, including President Biden, pledged record-level support for the Global Fund, raising $14.25 billion in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. Japan, Canada, Germany and the European Commission are among those who stepped up with nearly 30% increases Already the House and Senate State, Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittees have advanced the…

50 Civil Society Orgs. Send Letter to FIF Board Members

An international group of 50 civil society organizations sent a letter to the board members of the World Bank’s Financial Intermediary Fund for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response urging them to make the investment in strengthening country-level capacity and health systems the central focus of the new FIF. In addition, they called on FIF board members to allocate…

Financing the Fight: A Conversation with Chris Collins (Devex)

President & CEO Chris Collins debriefs the Global Fund’s 7th replenishment in an interview with Devex reporter Michael Igoe. “At a time of war and global crisis, we are seeing a global affirmation of the Global Fund… the majority of G7 countries are increasing by 30%… donors are seeing that even in tough times this…