40+ Global Health Organizations Call for At Least $2.5 Billion for the Global Fund in FY23 Budget Proposal

Over forty global health organizations wrote to President Biden to ask the White House to commit at least $2.5 billion for the Global Fund in next year’s budget proposal. In addition, these signatories thank the President for announcing that the United States will host the Global Fund’s seventh replenishment next year.

The letter states: “Increased investment is needed to get back on track in fighting AIDS, TB and malaria.  Before COVID-19, steady advances were being achieved against each of these epidemics, but COVID-19 disrupted services across the world and reversed progress… Significant additional resources—well beyond those committed in the last replenishment cycle—are necessary to recapture the pace of progress, take advantage of innovation and end AIDS, TB and malaria as public health threats by 2030. In addition, expanded investment in the Global Fund is essential if the world is to achieve effective pandemic preparedness and response. “

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