Diverse Group of Faith Leaders Urge President Biden to Pledge One Third of the Global Fund’s Replenishment Goal

More than 25 members of the faith-based coalition The 2030 Collaborative sent a letter to President Joe Biden to urge the White House to offer strong leadership in the upcoming seventh replenishment of Global Fund. The faith leaders thank the President and the Secretary of State for announcing that the United States will host the Global Fund’s seventh replenishment next year.

The letter states, “Thank you for offering moral and practical leadership at home and globally on the challenges brought to light by the current pandemic. Given the Global Fund’s strengths, one of the best ways to offer and show the world leadership is by championing the seventh replenishment. The United States leading by example with an early and bold pledge of one third of the Global Fund’s replenishment goal (as past Administrations have pledged), along with hosting replenishment, is the most effective way to leverage contributions from other donors.”

Click here to read the full letter, or click on the image below.