How the Global Fund is Responding to COVID-19

The Delta variant is causing a massive surge in COVID-19 infections across the globe. Due to vaccine inequity, health systems in low- and middle-income countries lack the vaccines to stop the virus.

With U.S. and other donors support, the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response Mechanism is strengthening national COVID-19 responses while protecting life-saving AIDS, TB and malaria programs. Through grants, the Global Fund is supplying essential health products like diagnostic tests, PPE and medical oxygen.

C19 Response Mechanism Donors

The Global Fund is moving rapidly to deploy COVID-19 response funds around the world

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How COVID-19 Response Mechanism funds are being spent:

83% Reinforcing national COVID-19 response

9% Mitigating COVID-19 impact on HIV, TB and malaria programs

8% Making urgent improvements to health and community systems to help fight COVID-19

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COVID-19 Response Mechanism in Action

Uganda’s rapid COVID-19 response

Since March 2021, The Global Fund disbursed over $51 million alongside over $10 million of grant saving in Uganda to respond to COVID-19 “to rapidly adapt existing HIV, TB and malaria programs, purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) for front-line health workers, diagnostics and medical supplies and to deploy prevention campaigns.” As of July 2021, the Global Fund has delivered 2.5 million diagnostic tests and nearly 600 thousand PCR tests to Uganda. Read More

A scientist studies specimens at the National TB Reference Lab in Kampala. (Copyright: The Global Fund /Jiro Ose)

Socially- distant HIV prevention sessions for adolescent girls and young women (Credit: CANGO/Kideo Nhlabatsi)

Adapting HIV services during Eswatini’s lockdown

During recent COVID-19 lockdowns in Eswatini, the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response Mechanism ensured that adolescent girls and young women at risk of HIV infection continued to access HIV prevention programs. Through grants, the Global Fund helped partners like CANGO adapt their risk reduction programs online to ensure that young women and adolescent girls continued to receive essential HIV prevention support remotely. Read More

Ambulances and emergency supplies donated to Malawi during Delta variant surge

Malawi faces a surge of COVID-19 infections, fueled by the highly contagious Delta variant. In July 2021, the Global Fund and Gavi donated ambulances, motorcycles and medical equipment to Malawi’s government in order to bolster the national COVID-19 response and mitigate disruption of HIV, TB and malaria programs. Read More

Ambulance keys are handed over to Catholic nuns who are treating local COVID-19 patients (Credit: Watipaso Mzungu, Nyaso Times)

Oxygen for India

Since May 2021, the Global Fund has approved $75 million for emergency oxygen concentrators and Pressure Swing Adsorption oxygen plants as India experienced a surge in COVID-19 cases that overwhelmed health systems. Read More

COVID-19 is causing a devastating oxygen crisis in low and middle income countries. Read More

Quick Stats (July 2021)

  • $26.7 million diagnostic tests procured
  • $275 million in funding for oxygen products
  • $477 million in funding for PPE kits for front-line health workers
  • 55 countries have purchased PPE on, the Global Fund’s procurement platform

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