Global Health Security

Global health investments help make America safer

The Zika and Ebola outbreaks serve as sobering reminders that disease knows no borders. Containment, prevention and evidence-based treatment of epidemics are national security matters that we cannot afford to underestimate or underfund. U.S. investments in disease programs like the Global Fund support strengthened health infrastructure to help prevent future deadly threats like Ebola and Zika from spreading to U.S. soil.

Furthermore, bipartisan analysis has found that global health investments generate goodwill overseas, accelerate development, and reduce social and political instability in countries with a heavy burden of infectious diseases. According to surveys, public opinion regarding the U.S. improves in countries that receive U.S. health assistance.

Global health investments help to make developing countries stronger, more stable and more prosperous, which in turn paves the way for these countries to solve their own problems, share responsibility for regional and global security challenges, and participate as trading partners with the U.S.

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