Updated Brief: The Case for U.S. Investment in the Global Fund and Global Health

Friends of the Global Fight today released an updated, two-page edition of its policy brief, “The Case for U.S. Investment in the Global Fund and Global Health.” This short edition includes updated data and talking points to show how U.S. support for the Global Fund offers extraordinary return on investment. The brief illustrates how, as an innovative public-private partnership, the Global Fund is challenging the status quo in the way the world fights disease, saving millions of lives, and producing economic, security and humanitarian gains for the U.S. in the process. Crucial topics include:

  • The legacy of bipartisan support for global health investments
  • The transformation in global health aid, resulting in more transparency and accountability
  • The close connection between the Global Fund and U.S. bilateral programs, which now depend on each other for success
  • How these investments translate to significant benefits for American global health security security and trade
  • How the U.S., through its support of the Global Fund, drives increased investment from other donors and implementing countries themselves

“Friends’ issue brief tells the story of how global health investment, at just a quarter of 1 percent of the U.S. federal budget, saves millions of lives and produces significant returns for our country,” said Chris Collins, President of Friends of the Global Fight. “It is important for Americans to know that global health makes our nation stronger through increased benefits for economies and U.S. trade, as well as national security and diplomacy. We hope this brief will help policy makers and the public understand the dynamic ways Global Fund and global health investments benefit our country, as well as the world.”

Click here to download the pdf.

(The longer May 2017 edition of this issue brief remains available here.)