Video: During Women Deliver, a closer look at gender in the 2030 development agenda

In advance of the Women Deliver conference, now underway in Copenhagen, Friends recently hosted a webinar to discuss how world leaders are ensuring that global health issues faced women and girls are a central piece of the post-2015 development agenda. The webinar, “Empowering Women and Girls for Greater Global Health,” featured Heather Doyle, Senior Technical Advisor on Gender at the Global Fund, and Dr. Daniela Ligiero, Vice President of the Girls and Women Strategy at the UN Foundation. Dr. Ligiero is also participating as a featured speaker at Women Deliver – on May 16, she discussed the growing importance of data in HIV programming at UN Foundation’s+SocialGood event with Dr. Mark Dybul, Executive Director of the Global Fund.

Dr. Ligiero’s webinar presentation focused on integrating the needs of women and girls into development work, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Highlights included:

Heather Doyle’s webinar presentation illustrated the Global Fund’s gender equality strategy and action plan, as well as the impact that Global Fund investments have on women’s health. A few key points included:

Heather Doyle also recently penned a piece for Devex’s Women Deliver 2016 package, “The big picture: Empowering, not just reaching, all women and girls.” The post identifies ways in which the global community can make progress in reaching women and girls, as well as supporting their health, education, safety and socioeconomic well-being. She argues that success is possible through steady evidence-based health programming and integration of health services.

The global community will build on these discussions at Women Deliver, shining a spotlight on efforts that are crucial to improving the health and well-being of women and girls across the globe. They can’t be left behind as the world moves forward to 2030 and beyond.

See below for the full video of Friends’ “Empowering Women and Girls for Greater Global Health” webinar: